Agenda/Minutes April 21, 2015

222A Hesburgh Library, 3:30-4:30pm

Present: Andy, Monica, Lisa, Nastia, Joe, Trish, Kitty, Kevin, Mary, Justin, Aaron, Tracey


  • New members: Joe (Law), Monica and Trish (acquisitions)
  • New time: 2nd Tuesday at 1:00.
  • Aaron will check on listserv status, add new members and remove old members.

Service Pack

  • Test server for Server Pack. Client is in the Aleph 22 Upgrade client folder (Google Drive).
  • Cataloging fix for Correct Headings
  • New option for printing. Now includes option for “view html” which gives the old print style (browser). This allows you to set NewPrintType=Y and still copy/paste.
  • Upgrade will most like be the 2nd Wednesday of June.

Law Library

  • Planning to onboard law library in Aleph.
  • Time frame is still under discussion.
  • Have gotten some initial quotes


  • All materials (LL and 10) going to the Annex have been pulled, and have been updated in Aleph.
  • Barcoding team is working on materials for next phase. Currently on 2nd Floor, then will move to 4th and 9th.
  • Some barcoding team members have been trained for clean up.

Issue with Macros

  • On some computers that have been reimaged, the Macro to insert the “new” and “auth” dates is using the wrong indicators (99 instead of 01 and 10). Justin will check on records affected. Need to find if this impacts Marcive processing.