Agenda/Minutes January 20, 2015

222A Hesburgh Library, 3:30-4:30pm

Present:Lisa, Justin, Kitty, Tom, Mary, Tracey, Nastia, Andy, Aaron, Leigh, Kevin

Aleph 22 Recap

  • Upgrade was done
  • Issues with highlighting fields and copy/paste in the catalog GUI
  • Have seen some problems with call slips, but appears to pre-date upgrade to Aleph 22.
    • Could we cron a report of items with outstanding holds? Especially for items in process
  • No reports of speed issues.
  • Excel ready reports are ready.
  • Test server:
    • Can install from control panel (NDU)
    • For MALCs should be in Google folder

Aleph 22 Minor Release

  • ¬†Aleph 22.1 has been released
  • Should correct the ‘Correct Headings’ function
  • Also has feature for opening report in a browser (to allow copy/paste)
  • Will post release notes and discuss time frame at next meeting.

Rome Library

  • Production Koha is up and running
  • Still trying to get list of patrons to load
  • Waiting for OK from Jennifer to purge records in Aleph

Law Library Update

  • Planning report to the Law School this spring
  • Technical needs
    • EDI Ordering
    • Banner invoicing
    • Batch record loading
  • Time frame: Sept. 2015-June 2017
  • Fully separate database: xxx01, xxx10, xxx50, xxx60
  • Issue: Local training
    • May be helpful to have some MALC staff involved in training
    • Question: how many staff does Law have?


  • Inventory system is progressing with contract programmer
  • We have been collecting condition info, will ingest into Aleph, internal note field. If there is an existing note, the conditions will be pre-pended.
  • Will do size study for plannogram and tray ordering.
  • Visited Western Michigan and will visit Northwestern