Minutes/Agenda Oct. 11, 2016

248 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm


Irish 1 Card Update

  • Will load csn (card serial number) as barcode
    • Students won’t be able to log in with csn, because it won’t be printed on card
    • Option: Load ND ID as a barcode also?
    • Might be useful to allow all MALC students to log in with campus ID number (select institution from a drop-down)
    • Issue: whether to load both csn and barcode during transition
  • New cards will be issued beginning after graduation
    • Old student IDs will not be valid on campus when students return in the fall (2017)

Staff Due Dates

  • FSLA changes: some exempt staff are re-classified as non-exempt.
  • Diane will be talking with MALC directors about making due dates the same for exempt & non-exempt staff

SRCS / ILL Update

  • NCIP testing
    • CheckOutItem
    • RequestItem
    • AcceptItem
  • Have tested with ILLiad client
  • Need to test with Autographics (vendor for SRCS)
  • AcceptItem (borrowing)
    • Create bib (NDU01)
    • Create item (NDU50)
    • Place hold
    • Suggestion: Could we put them in NDU30?

Patron Records

  • Home library in patron record is default pickup location
  • Can we set up some way for patrons to set their home library?
    • Let people know that library pickup is faster than campus mail
  • Syncronizing pickup options in ILLiad and Aleph

Student Billing

  • Adding itemized data to export in order to re-import paid status