Aleph Service Pack Highlights

Next Service Pack

release for v.22 is scheduled for:  March 7, 2016

Previous Service Packs

22.1.4 (2269) 22.1.4 (2269)

  • Performance improvements in GUI-Circulation:
    • Retrieving a patron with many circulation log. (rep_change #002231).
    • Long delay when returning an item with many circulation log records (e.g. item in transit). (rep_change #002256).
  • Correction to the the words indexing part, when stopping ue_01 (util e/2).  (rep_change #002233).

22.1.3 (2230)

  • Integration of PDS v.2.1.5 (rep_change #002200).

22.1.2 (2197)

  • Performance improvement for the display of the Patron List (rep_change #002156).
  • Printing – ‘Browse HTML’ option – HTML files that contain ‘## – HTML’ at the first line are now displayed correctly (rep_change #002173).
  • GUI, ITEM serial information tab – Date fields earlier than 1800 are not valid. This has been corrected (rep_change #002186).
  • The new expand_doc_bib_avail_hol expand routine has been added to display availability information (AVA field), based on the holding records rep_change #002189).
  • RESTful API, Items service – A new filter has been added to retrieve the items list by holding record (rep_change #002189).