Minutes/Agenda June 13, 2017

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Michelle, Lisa, Mary, Kitty, Tracey, Justin


  • Currently in Prod
  • Most faculty and staff will not get new cards until September

Campus ID Numbers

  • Campus ID numbers are in Auth field 3
  • Currently campus ID numbers are prefixed, e.g. NDU9000000, etc.
  • Should we enter w/o prefix?
    • This would be convenient for primo/OPAC login
  • Note: St. Mary’s is now using CAS

Special Borrowers

  • ND Special Borrowers will get Irish1Card Photo IDs
  • So far
    • 2 Alumni (1 has picked up card)
    • 2 Visiting scholars requested by an admin in O’Shag
  • Follow-up to previous meeting discussion of Special Borrowers
    • Should special borrowers in general have reciprocal privileges?
    • Will compare policies, see if procedures match

Patron Purge

  • Purge all patrons with expiration older than June 1, 2016
  • If patrons have an open transfer, will need to close before purging

Linked Data & Display Issues

  • Example record: 004605225
  • $0 contains various authority record numbers for linked data
  • Need to suppress from display and from browse lists
  • Defined as “authority control number”, can be in any heading field w/ authority control
  • Need to adjust for OPAC
  • Might need to adjust Primo N.R.