Minutes/Agenda Dec. 13, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Kitty, Andy, Amanda, Trish, Mary, Aaron

Request Links

  • SMC is adding 856 to HOL for items where print is cancelled and intend to provide doc del.
  • Aleph side: Add 856 to HOL record display
    • done in pre-prod, but may need tweaking
  • Primo side:
    • Need to agree on standard way to flag request links, so they can be mapped to link2request in PNX
      • We will use $$xrequest for all cases, may add additional $$x for specific cases
    • Need to decide where/how to display request link
      • Request tab
      • Online access tab
    • Limit request link to view of owning library only

Due Date Changes

  • Plan to implement in January prior to start of classes

Index Changes

  • New WLOC combines sublibrary and collection
    • Best to search with quotation marks
  • New direct index for system number, with NDU01- prefix, 001=

NCIP / SRCS Update

  • Have done testing with autographics
    • Problems with RequestItem using Bib numbers
    • NDU01-00125784657

Aleph Downtime

  • Needed for generating indexes and correcting LDR character encoding bit
  • Dec. 26: snapshot Prod, put on aleph3
  • Rebuild keyword indexes (7 hours)
  • Validation testing on indexes
  • Dec 27: Bring Alephprod down, copy Oracle table from aleph3 to prod
    • Down up to 1 hour
  • Reindex any records on prod updated on Dec. 26
  • Dec. 28 – ?: correct LDRs
  • This plan does not yet include generating direct index, which may require additional downtime