Agenda/Minute Dec. 16

Present: Justin, Kitty, Nastia, Leigh, Tom, Mary, Tracey, Aaron

Aleph Upgrade

  • Tom will bring Aleph 20 down on Saturday Morning
    • This will allow Friday night backups to run
  • Should be mostly done on Saturday
  • Monitors will shut self-check down 11pm Friday and place signs
  • Service desk open 12-5 Saturday (off-line loans)
  • No service desk on Sunday, building is open
  • Monday Plans
    • Old server will be ‘down’ but accessible
    • Work may begin, but keep track in case work needs to be re-done
    • Upload offline circ
    • Verify Aleph 22 is functional
      • Circ
      • Acquisitions
      • Cataloging
    • Send “all-clear” message to ULON and Aleph 22
    • Turn on self-check machines
  • New client is available now on control panel Add/Remove programs
  • will be the production server
  • will be redirected to new server
  • Reviewed docuement with upgrade information
    • Will add connexion information

InterMALC Delivery

  • Bring Aleph 22 with requests set to OFF in tab15
  • Activate requests on Jan. 5
  • Add banner to Primo indicating that Requests will be unavailable during break.