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Minutes/Agenda May 22, 2017

425 Hesburgh Library, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Present:Tracey, Lisa S, Mary, Kevin, Lisa K, Michele, Monica, Andy, Aaron

Irish1Card Go-Live

  • This week
  • Card Services office closed for cut-over
  • Old ND cards will continue to function
  • All new cards will be contactless
  • Main recarding will be at beginning of semester
  • If card is declared lost, student must log into card system and mark as found before using in the library.
  • “patron has left university”

Family Special Borrowers

  • Anyone using ND Campus services will now get an Irish1Card
  • ND Special Borrower policy includes MALC retirees, alumni, family.
    • Should ND Continue to issue cards, or send them to their home institution?
  • Bethel and St. Mary’s issue “community cards”, but tells them they are only good at Bethel/St. Mary’s.
  • Will discuss further at next Aleph Team meeting.

Aleph SP

  • ALEPH-22.1-ServicePack-8
  • Target July (after FYEC) for SP
  • Complete by Aug.1 to avoid issues with beginning of semester.
  • Test in development database (aleph3)


Updates April 11, 2017

April 11 meeting was cancelled.

NCIP Update

  • NCIP put in production as of March 29
    • NiFi server in operation at ncip.library.nd.edu/ncip
  • SRCS is currently using NCIP to for loaning requests
  • We are not publicizing SRCS borrowing at this time
    • A few designated staff place requests when we are ready to test
  • NCIP with ILLiad
    • Justin in working on In Library Use only
    • Will need to test

Irish1Card Update

  • Working on real-time patron feed
  • End-to-End testing scheduled with OIT next week
  • Have drafted a Memorandum of Understanding with OIT/Card Services
    • OIT will purge user IDs from library card usage data when it is 30 days old
  • Card readers have been received, need to be programmed
  • Production roll-out planned for May

Minutes/Agenda March 16, 2017

425 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Trish, Lisa, Mary, Kitty, Aaron, Kevin

NCIP Update

  • NiFi as an intermediary in front of NCIP
    • https://ncip.library.nd.edu
  • SRCS testing on March 22
  • Will go directly to pilot phase for SRCS
  • ILLiad will be next up
  • Creating “Lower Level Reading Room” for in house use items

Irish1Card Update

  • Target date is still May/June
  • Patron load is working
  • Live feed for patrons is in progress
    • New cards will be usable immediately
    • Updates for lost cards

Hold Shelf Reminder Notices

  • Issue with Patron responses for Inter-MALC
  • Hold Shelf Reports — MALC libraries don’t use these, they check the dates on the slips
  • If a patron asks for an extension on the hold date, the owning library will make the decision, and will email the pickup location

Service Packs

  • Current: Service Pack 6,
  • No new SP at this time

Migration Planning

  • Planning to form team this academic year to begin process
  • First steps: requirements gathering
  • Question: Has this been discussed at the director level?


Minutes/Agenda Dec. 13, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Kitty, Andy, Amanda, Trish, Mary, Aaron

Request Links

  • SMC is adding 856 to HOL for items where print is cancelled and intend to provide doc del.
  • Aleph side: Add 856 to HOL record display
    • done in pre-prod, but may need tweaking
  • Primo side:
    • Need to agree on standard way to flag request links, so they can be mapped to link2request in PNX
      • We will use $$xrequest for all cases, may add additional $$x for specific cases
    • Need to decide where/how to display request link
      • Request tab
      • Online access tab
    • Limit request link to view of owning library only

Due Date Changes

  • Plan to implement in January prior to start of classes

Index Changes

  • New WLOC combines sublibrary and collection
    • Best to search with quotation marks
  • New direct index for system number, with NDU01- prefix, 001=

NCIP / SRCS Update

  • Have done testing with autographics
    • Problems with RequestItem using Bib numbers
    • NDU01-00125784657

Aleph Downtime

  • Needed for generating indexes and correcting LDR character encoding bit
  • Dec. 26: snapshot Prod, put on aleph3
  • Rebuild keyword indexes (7 hours)
  • Validation testing on indexes
  • Dec 27: Bring Alephprod down, copy Oracle table from aleph3 to prod
    • Down up to 1 hour
  • Reindex any records on prod updated on Dec. 26
  • Dec. 28 – ?: correct LDRs
  • This plan does not yet include generating direct index, which may require additional downtime

Minutes/Agenda Nov. 8, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Monica, Lisa, Mary, Kitty, Justin, Aaron


Due Date Changes

  • NDU will give undergrads end-of-semester instead of 4 weeks
  • Non-exempt staff will also change (either end-of-semester or extended rolling loan)
  • Implement for Spring semester

NCIP & SRCS Update

  • Will use NDU30 for temporary bibs
    • Have tested and notified Ex.L.
  • Most functionality is working in test
  • Problems with lookupitem (by system number)
  • Need to populate patron Home Library

Index Plans

  • New index: LOC
  • Currently in aleph3
  • Need to regenerate entire WRD index
    • Run index on separate server from snapshot
    • Copy index tables back to production
    • Some down time to copy index tables
  • Companion project to fix LDR fields
    • UTF records coded as Marc-8

New self-check machines have arrived



Minutes/Agenda Oct. 11, 2016

248 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm


Irish 1 Card Update

  • Will load csn (card serial number) as barcode
    • Students won’t be able to log in with csn, because it won’t be printed on card
    • Option: Load ND ID as a barcode also?
    • Might be useful to allow all MALC students to log in with campus ID number (select institution from a drop-down)
    • Issue: whether to load both csn and barcode during transition
  • New cards will be issued beginning after graduation
    • Old student IDs will not be valid on campus when students return in the fall (2017)

Staff Due Dates

  • FSLA changes: some exempt staff are re-classified as non-exempt.
  • Diane will be talking with MALC directors about making due dates the same for exempt & non-exempt staff

SRCS / ILL Update

  • NCIP testing
    • CheckOutItem
    • RequestItem
    • AcceptItem
  • Have tested with ILLiad client
  • Need to test with Autographics (vendor for SRCS)
  • AcceptItem (borrowing)
    • Create bib (NDU01)
    • Create item (NDU50)
    • Place hold
    • Suggestion: Could we put them in NDU30?

Patron Records

  • Home library in patron record is default pickup location
  • Can we set up some way for patrons to set their home library?
    • Let people know that library pickup is faster than campus mail
  • Syncronizing pickup options in ILLiad and Aleph

Student Billing

  • Adding itemized data to export in order to re-import paid status

Minutes/Agenda Sept 13, 2016

248 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Aaron, Andy, Monica, Lisa, Amanda, Justin, Tracey, Kitty, Sarah, Mary, Trish


  • Indiana Statewide Remote Circulation System
  • In production since August
  • http://in.gov/library/SRCS.htm
  • To Do: Set up NCIP for SRCS
    • Aleph needs ILL module to accept NCIP bibs
  • To Do: Determine patron access


  • Meeting has been scheduled. No news at this point.


Listser to Google Groups

  • AWG is converted to Aleph-Team
  • ND-Primo-L is converted to MALC-Primo
  • To Do: Aleph22 to MALC-Aleph
  • National list will migrate to ELUNA domain

Minutes/Agenda July 19, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Lisa, Mary, Sarah, Amanda, Monica, Kitty, Justin, Aaron, Kevin, Andy

Service Pack

  • Tom will refresh the database tonight
  • SMC: has run through everything except notices
  • BCI: everything seems to look fine
  • Cataloging: everything fine so far. Just starting to test serial functions


  • Will go to production “hearing no objections”
  • Tuesday, July 26.
  • Traditional process is to go over lunch time, probably not more than an hour of down-time.
    • Staff will need to close Aleph client and open after update. Changes should come in via version check.

New Feature

  • Hold Shelf Reminders
    • Would like to give the patron a warning before sending it back.
    • Send on day 3/4
    • Also cron expired holds report for everyone.


  • Licenses have been ordered

Summer Institute Poster

  • Highlights
    • MALC Sharing
    • Courtesy Notices
    • Annex
    • Periodical Item record cleanup
  • Things to come
    • Hold shelf reminder notice
    • Irish1Card


  • Version control system using Git.
  • Impact on MALC libraries editing their own tables
    • tab17
  • Schedule demo for MALC reps


Minutes/Agenda June 14, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Mary, Lisa, Monica, Trish, Kitty, Justin, Aaron, Andy


  • There will be some fund changes
  • Last day for ordering is Tuesday, June 21
  • Last day for loads: Friday
  • Reconciliation, goal to roll on Friday, July 1

Service Pack

  • Current Service Pack
  • Previous SPs that would be included
  • Next SP scheduled for July 4.
  • Plan
    • Download SP 5 prior to end of June.
    • Check notes on SP 6 for “exciting” releases
      • Decide on whether to implement 5 or 6.
    • Week of July 5-8 implement in test
    • Test for 2 weeks (July 11-22)
    • Implement in prod by end of July
    • Note: reschedule Aleph team meeting for 2nd week of testing period


  • Would it be possible to move PDS from Primo to Aleph, and tie into Saint Mary’s LDAP server?


  • Circulation protocol
    • Loans/Returns
    • Item Creation
    • Hold requests
  • SRCS and ILLiad integration


  • Have sent updated print holdings to Hathi
  • Still having issues with sending withdrawn items
  • Should test to see if we are actually getting section 108 access to materials marked as Brittle or Lost in our print holdings list.

Minutes/Agenda May 10, 2016

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present:Justin, Mary, Monica, Andy, Kitty, Trish, Nastia


  • Lee will provide data for fund consolidation and updates

Collection Manager

  • WorldCat cataloging partners no longer available as of end of April
  • Have migrated 2 YBP accounts to Collection Manager
  • Problems:
    • Lag time with records (weekly?)
    • Gap of a few records that were skipped in transition process

ELUNA Update


SP Upgrade

  • Following FYEC (July/August)
  • v.22.1.5
    • Next release is in July, which is too tight