Minutes/Agenda May 22, 2017

425 Hesburgh Library, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Present:Tracey, Lisa S, Mary, Kevin, Lisa K, Michele, Monica, Andy, Aaron

Irish1Card Go-Live

  • This week
  • Card Services office closed for cut-over
  • Old ND cards will continue to function
  • All new cards will be contactless
  • Main recarding will be at beginning of semester
  • If card is declared lost, student must log into card system and mark as found before using in the library.
  • “patron has left university”

Family Special Borrowers

  • Anyone using ND Campus services will now get an Irish1Card
  • ND Special Borrower policy includes MALC retirees, alumni, family.
    • Should ND Continue to issue cards, or send them to their home institution?
  • Bethel and St. Mary’s issue “community cards”, but tells them they are only good at Bethel/St. Mary’s.
  • Will discuss further at next Aleph Team meeting.

Aleph SP

  • ALEPH-22.1-ServicePack-8
  • Target July (after FYEC) for SP
  • Complete by Aug.1 to avoid issues with beginning of semester.
  • Test in development database (aleph3)


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