Agenda/Minutes August 21, 2003

222A Hesburgh Library, 10:00-11:00 am, 

  • Welcome Ken Kinslow
  • New Aleph Team Blog
    • Will need to log in to edit/post
    • May require log in for viewing in the future (for confidentiality reasons)
    • Let Aaron know if there are any permissions or login problems.
  • Inter-MALC Delivery
    • Some of the setup in done on Paul
      • Need to check loan permissions (will need to set in Prod)
    • Concerns about van routing, problems etc.
      • ND->SMC->HC->BC->HC->SMC->ND
      • ND Vehicle pool available if van is out of commission
    • Need to notify ILL. What if a patron places an ILL request that happens to be available at another MALC?
    • Do we want permissions to allow staff-initiated cross-MALC requests?
      • From a service standpoint that would be great
      • This is not as big of a hurdle as borrowing/view loan lists
      • Need to talk with Laura & Tracey (May be training issues)
  • On-line Access Tab (Primo)
    • Discussed problems with merged records
  • Primo Changes
    • Hathi is in production
    • EAD is in production

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