Agenda/Minutes Sept 18, 2013

222A Hesburgh Library, 10:00-11:00 am

Service Pack 20.2.10
  • Rep Changes¬†3724-3830¬†
  • Release Notes on Box
  • Install in test 1-2 weeks prior to Oct. fall break
  • Ex Libris’ new customer service portal
  • Need to have an individual customer center account
  • Takes up to 72 hours to get SalesForce account
MALC Deliveries
  • Need to meet with MALC to answer questions from Lou Jordan
    • If we use our own van run, there will be added costs, e.g., staffing and van
    • Federal Millage rate
    • How much time/run
    • How many runs/week
    • Can we report actual pickups & vary the route?
  • May start with Info Express if Van runs haven’t been worked out.
  • ND faculty and grad student due dates of May 31
    • Visiting Faculty: End of semester
    • ND Visiting Faculty at other MALCs will get default due dates (28 days) unless they are specifically added
  • BC faculty due dates May 31

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