Agenda/Minutes Jan. 22, 2014

248 Hesburgh Library, 10:00-11:00 am

Present: Aaron, Nastia, Mary, Lisa, Tracey, Justin, Sarah, Kevin, Kitty, Leigh, Justin, Tracey


Inter-MALC Delivery
  • Kevin’s suggestions for hold-request-letter-01-00
    • Agreed to revisions, will put in place and test.
  • Launch date: February 10
    • Will begin moving pieces to production Feb 3.
  • Vendor Services
    • Shelf-ready approval in production
    • Working on cataloging issues (item linking, missing data in HOL)
    • ebrary DDA in production
    • Next up: Print DDA for BIOS
  • Storage
    • Planning to send 1 million volumes off-site
    • Possible new facility close to campus
    • Environmental scan of 6 libraries
  • Saint Mary’s involved in Shared Print Collection
    • 32 Indiana libraries (22 are PALNI members, some IU branches)
    • Database of print monographs

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