Agenda/Minutes Oct. 21, 2014

248 Hesburgh Library, 3:30-4:30pm

Present: Leigh, Kitty, Lisa, Mary, Aaron, Justin, Nastia, Tom, Robert, Clara, Andy, Kevin

Aleph 22 Upgrade

  • Let Justin know if you have any issues with the client
  • Mary reported problems with fonts — using production font.ini does not fix problem.
  • Copying scripts from production
    • Spreadsheet in google docs folder
  • New report print client does not allow copy/paste
    • newprinttype=Y
    • change to newprinttype=N

Law Library Integration

  • ┬áIn discussion to migrate
  • Concerns
    • Do we have time
    • Budget separation
    • Duplicate bibs

Annex Update

  • IMS meeting next week
  • Started barcoding monographs & serials in lower-level
    • Practice barcoding to work out procedures
    • Posted position description for temporary staff
    • Have found overwhelming amount of problems
  • Plan is to hire a moving company to pull & move collections in the spring
  • This week a number of people from the library will tour the facility
  • Have started meeting with Architecture firm that will be remodeling facility
  • Facility shared with Archives, Snite, Film television theater, possibly Law

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