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Invisalign: A Perfect Alternative to Traditional Dental Braces?

Did you ever have dental braces as a child, or perhaps later in life?

If so, then you were experiencing biomechanical forces in motion within the confines of your own mouth! The mechanical basis of dental braces is actually quite simple: brackets and wires apply forces and moments to your teeth in order to push, pull, or rotate them into their proper positions. Since 1998, the “Invisalign” technology has offered the aesthetically pleasing alternative of clear (invisible) retainer trays in order to satisfy a growing societal distaste for the visual appearance of traditional braces. Perhaps those who remember the social anxiety that came with having braces (especially at a younger age) might be jealous of this new alternative! But is this technology just as effective as traditional treatment?

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Not Everyone Breathes While they Sleep: The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

You might think that breathing in our sleep should come naturally – if breathing and sleeping are both physiologically necessary, then we must be able to do them simultaneously right? Unfortunately, almost a quarter of middle-aged American men and nearly 10% of women suffer from sleep apnea, a chronic condition characterized by repeatedly stopping breathing while sleeping. The clinical symptoms seem rather benign – snoring, sleepiness, fatigue during the day or other issues sleeping. However, by far the most dangerous aspect of this disease is that it puts patients at increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, as well as occupational and/or automobile accidents. Over the last several decades, a variety of therapy options have been studied to treat this condition, ranging from drugs to masks to surgery.

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