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Want Your Ticket to the Top?

Rock climbing may just be the greatest exercise activity. It’s a holistic workout with an infectiously supportive community that involves plenty of problem solving and a good understanding of body movement and biomechanics. If you ever find yourself on the climbing wall, you will inevitably encounter a sequence of moves that seemingly proves to be too difficult or complicated. Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, below are just a few of the countless biomechanical techniques and tips to keep in mind when coordinating and executing your attempts; they could be the difference between plateauing and finally topping out on that elusive route.

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What Makes Climbing Plants Climb?

Scientists have studied plants for centuries. Charles Darwin in particular had studied climbing plants for years in an attempt to discover the secrets behind how they climb structures. Despite the years of study, very little is known about the mechanics that allow plants to climb. If the methods can be discovered, scientist might be able to mimic the power and flexibility that climbing plants have in man made structures, or be able to design structures that can better withstand the destruction plants tend to inflict upon buildings and roads.

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The hairy feet of the gecko

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to walk on walls? If you’ve ever watched a Spiderman movie or watched a gecko maneuver around its habitat, you probably have. While geckos don’t fight crime, their climbing ability is as fantastic as that of any superhero. Geckos have one of the most unique climbing adaptations of any animal, and scientists are examining the source of this ability to see if human technology could one day achieve something similar.

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Rock on, Dude!

In the rock climbing world, there is not much that people fear more than the sound of a “pop” coming from their fingers. That sound means months of rehab and can keep you off the rock for up to six months. But what exactly is happening when you hear that dreaded sound? The fingers are so small, how can one injury to the fingers be so devastating? Let’s dive in.

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