Minutes/Agenda September 8, 2015

222A Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Present: Mary, Joe, Andy, Tracey, Justin, Lisa, Amanda, Sarah, Kitty, Kevin, Monica, Aaron



Annex Update

  • Up and running
  • Pulling requested materials
  • Not doing processing (e.g. scanning) because office area is not done
  • First week: 63 doc del and 29 ILL requests
  • IMS was returning 1st 50 items
    • Now returns all items
    • Added ability to put barcode into ILLiad
  • Clean up from Hallett ingest
  • Question: Will we provide article scanning for undergrads? This is a staffing issue
    • If we provide scanning, should be all or nothing. It would be confusing to provide for annex only.

Enumeration Issues

  • Volumes are de-duped twice, once by ¬†Aleph, once by Primo. Primo de-dedup being fixed to look at all enum levels, but still have data issues with missing enum fields.


  • Will schedule Primo-MALC meeting at Saint Mary’s.
  • Inter-MALC deliveries. May be another copy available, e.g., Hesburgh and Saint Mary’s. It is OK to move hold to available copy (except when needed for reserve).
  • SJCPL program is operational. Have issued 12 cards. Have had 1 pickup.
  • Campus Card update


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