Minutes/Agenda October 21, 2015

247 Hesburgh Library, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Update on Enumeration Chronology.

Lisa and Justin worked together to clean up of Like Item information.  This problem goes back to the issue with PRIMO that would only show one volume of a multi-volume set.  80,000 items were found to Like another piece.  About 40,000 appeared to be actual duplicates (Like items).  1,000-2,000 the script didn’t know what to do with it.


Patron scrubbing.

Recently discovered all the tables are not being scrubbed of patron data since the last upgrade in December 2014.  Do we want to make changes to scrub procedures? Current procedure was done every night.

CIR-32 specifies which tables we want to scrub.  Can exclude tables we want to scrub at another date.

Saint Mary’s feel we should continue to scrub. We can have different scripts for different institutions.

Aaron prefers to use the CIR-32 script instead of the old SQL script for scrubbing. The job didn’t exist when the SQL was developed.  Advantage is that you can specify what tables

Start with a meeting with Cheri and Mark.

Annex update

  • Hallet is onsite to begin discuss phase two.
  • Cheri Smith is having Graduate Students are looking up requests to see if we own electronically.
  • Number of requests are slowing down.
  • Sean is working at 6:30am-3pm to open the Annex for Spacesaver.


Statistics posted online (tabled)


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