Header: Ulysses playing chess; Christine de Pizan, L’Épître Othéa; BL, Harley MS 4331, f. 133r
Image credits: the Just, Convenevole da Prato, Address of Prato, BL, Royal MS 6.E.ix, f. 8r; couple playing chess, Maastricht Hours, BL, Stowe MS 17, f. 1421r; rabbit playing a trumpet, Peter Comestor, Historia scholastica, BL, Royal MS 3.D.vi, f. 234r; astronomers, John Mandeville, Travels, BL, Add. MS 24189, f. 105r; astronomer, Image du Monde, BL, Harley MS 334, f. 106r; fox preaching to the flock, Maastricht Hours, BL, Stowe MS 17, f. 84r; marginal grotesque hybrid, book of hours, BL, Harley MS 2900, f. 85r; Viking longboat, Germanicus, Aratea, BL, Cotton MS Tiberius B.v, f. 40v; portrait of Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Hoccleve, Regiment of Princes, BL, Harley MS 4866, f. 88r; Gawain, Arthur, and Guinevere, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight BL, Cotton Nero A.x, f. 90/94v; King Cnut, Liber vitae of Newminster and Hyde, BL, Stowe MS 944, f. 6r; author portrait, Christine de Pizan, The Book of the Queen, BL, Harley MS 4431, f. 4r; nude, helmeted man riding a hobby horse, Jean Froissart, Chroniques, BL, Harley MS 4380, f. 117r