Exhibition: Commencement

Play 1: The Rivals

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Date: last Wednesday of June [26], 1861, 3:00 P.M. (“the play only after supper”)
Producing Organization: Dramatic Society (named by faculty) but Thespians (named by students)
Venue: Exhibition Hall in east wing of Main Building

CastOrville.T. Chamberlain, Schutt, O’Malley, Fleming, and others taking roles.

Play 2: A Good Night’s Rest

CastOrville.T. Chamberlain and Bigelow.

Note:  “Common beer (2 barrels) from Chicago will be procured for the dinner of the students and distributed with great caution to the actors in the play.”

Source: Minutes of the Local Council, June 3, 1861, 57r, IPAC; Catalogue (June 26, 1861); Scholastic 5:42, June 29, 1872, 3. Other plays this year include The Iron Chest with O. T. Chamberlain in the leading role.

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