Play Title: The Proscribed Heir

Date Performed: November 22, 1887
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Euglossian Association
Event: Festival of St. Cecilia

Cast List

Alfred D’Anfreville: R. E. Newton
Charles D’Aspremont: T. O. Regan
D’Orfeuil: F. Nester
Nicholas: W. Larkin
Blaise: H. Luhn
Catignac: M. Mulkern
Justice of the Peace: J. Burns
Jasmin: P. Paschel
Sergeant: J. Cusack Recruits, Peasants, Valets


Sources The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 21, Nov. 26, 1887, p.189.

Play Title: St. Peter, the First Pope

Date Performed: December 15, 1887
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Thespian Association
Event: Golden Jubilee of the Holy Father

Cast List

St. Peter: J. A. Burns
Nero: P. Brownson
Simon: S. Craft
Tigellinus: C. Stubbs
Achymus: P. Buke
Cornelius: A. P. Gibbs
Nicetas: J. McIntosh
Marcus: C. Mooney
Narbas: M. Mulkern
Sulpicius: G. Houck
Otho: T. O’Regan
Afer: H. Luhn
Ant_stius: J. Heinemann


Sources The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 21, December 24, 1887, p. 232-233.

Play Title: Macbeth

Author: Willliam Shakespere
Date Performed: March 23, 1888
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Unknown
Event: St. Patrick’s Day

Cast List

Macbeth: Chas.A Stubbs
Lady Macbeth: Robert C. Newton
Duncan: J.E. Garrity
Macduff: Thomas O’Regan
Malcolm: H.B. Luhn
Banquo: P.P.Paschel
First Witch: J.E. Cusack
Second Witch: J. B. Sullivan
Third Witch: J.H. Mithen
Rosse: E. Prudhomme
Seyton: Eugene Melady
Lennox: Andrew Joyce
Sergeant: J. Fisher
Siward: A. Larkin
Fleance: Geo. Tarrant
Officer: T. Pender
Physician: A. J. Barnes
Gentleman: M. McCart
Soldiers, Attendants, etc.

Notes: This play was part of the St. Patrick’s Day entertainment, and was acompanied with music, vocal and: cornet solos and an oration.

Sources The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol 21, March 24, 1888, p 430.