Play: Gold in the Hills, or the Dead Sister’s Secret

Author: J. Frank Davis
Dates Performed: Dec. 13, 14, 1931
Director: Professor Frank W. Kelly
Stage Manager: Fred Eisenmann
Assistants: James Carmody, George Higgins
Producing Organization: The University Theatre


Big Mike Slattery: Virgilius Philips
Jack Dalton: John Leddy
Richard Murgatroyd: William Walsh
Nellie: F. Theresa Chisholm
Lizzie: Mrs. Norbert Engels
Barbura: Charlotte Maurer
Slade: James O’Shughnessey
Others: William Carr, Roger Beirne, Joseph McCabe, James Carmody


Source: ProgramDome 1932, 278-9.

The University Theatre
The Notre Dame Players
Three One-Act Plays

Under the Direction of
Professor Frank W. Kelly

Music by
The Notre Dame Jugglers

Thursday Evening, March Seventeenth
Friday Evening, March Eighteenth [1932]
at eight-fifteen o’clock

[15th presentation, 6th season]
[Washington Hall]

Supervisor of Stage: Fred Eisenmann
Assistants: William Hunter, George Higgins, James Carmody, John Cooper

Play 1: The Rising of the Moon

Author: Lady Augusta Gregory (1852-1932)

Cast List

(only partial list found and character names not listed)
Sergeant: Virgillius Phillips
Policeman X: John Cooper
Policeman B: Albert N. Butler, Jr.
A Ragged Man: George Higgins

Notes: premiered at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin in 1907.

Source: Program, William Farmer private collecion; Dome 1932, 280.

Play 2: The Hour Glass

Author: William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


Wise Man: William F. Walsh, Jr.
Fool: James A. Carricco
Angel: John Kerlin
Wife: Margaret Burroughs
Children: Charles Andres, Elizabeth Adelsperger
King’s Son: David Powers
Students: George W. Calhoun, Lawrence T. Gross, Jr., Paul R. Locher, Norton J. Schonfield, William B. Ford, Patrick P. Burns


Source: Program, William Farmer private collection; Dome 1932, 280.

Play 3: Hyacinth Halvey

Author: Lady Gregory


Hyacinth Halvey: Joseph McCabe
James Quirke: Franklin Stroud
Paddy Farrell: Thomas Stritch
Sergeant Carden: James Carmody
Mrs. Delane: F. Theresa Chisholm
Miss Joyce: Charlotte MourerScene designed by Mr. Peter J. Trolio of Arch. 3.

Note: Hyacinth Halvey, first produced in Dublin in 1906, opened at Maxine Elliott’s Theatre in New York City on November 20, 1911.
Source: Program, William Farmer private collection; Dome 1932, 280.

Play: Abraham Lincoln

Author: John Drinkwater
Dates Performed: Sat-Sun, May 28 and 29, 1932, 8:15 P.M.
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: F. W. Kelly
Stage Manager: Fred Eisenmann
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre


See Program, below


Source: Program, William Farmer private collection; Dome 1933, 273.

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