Play Title: Botany Bay

Dates Performed: November 30, 1898
Director: Professor Carmody
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St. Cecilians of Carroll Hall
Venue: President’s Day

Cast List

Bill Jarvis: A. L. Krug
Sydney Cartin: J. E. Mulcare
James Cartin: T. Murray
Dick Hazeltin: C. Hinze
Andrew Hazeltin: A. S. Friedman
Dr. Jeremiah Lillyvick: S. Slevin
Florian Wayne: T. E. Noonan
Pat Dolan: J. P. Sherlock
Sergeant Flint: F. J. Petritz
Bill Hawkins: W. B. Land
Walter Featherston: W. Hickey
Joe Featherstone: L. J. Kelly
Gregory: J. M. Quinlan
Soldiers: A. Coquillard, Maurice, Cooney, H. B. Warner


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 32, December 3. 1898, pp. 236,239.

Play Title: His Brother’s Bugaboo

Dates Performed: February 22, 1899
Director: Professor F. X. Carmody
Sponsoring/Producing Organization:
Venue: Washington’s Birthday

Cast List

Benjamin Goldfinch: R. O’Malley
Uncle Gregory: L. Weadock
Dick: Walsh
Mrs. Goldfinch: Tuohy
Lucy Lorimer: Gilbert
Parlor Maid: Rush
Duperier, McCollum, Cornell,Murphy, Brucker


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 32, February 25, 1899, pp. 375-6.

Play Title: Fontenot

Author: Rev. Francis Clement Kelly
Dates Performed: March 17, 1899
Director: Professor F. X. Carmody
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Columbians
Event: St. Patrick’s Day:

Cast List

Fontenot: Harry V. Crumley
Captain Sydney: Mr. Maloney
Parts Unknown: Messrs. Baab, Kinney. Lennon, Collins, Murphy, Hamilton, Hennebry, Schwab,
Pim, Mulcrone, McGuire, Shane, and Wynn:


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 32, March 18, 1899, pp. 426.

Play Title: If I Were a King

Dates Performed: April 3, 1899
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Philopatrian Society
Event: Easter Monday:

Cast List

Genaro: Fredrick Schoonover
Ferdinand: James Morgan
Ruisco: Alexander McDonell
Don Gonsalvo: Henry Fink
Bozza: John Putnam
Valerio: E.A. Bender
Alberto: Lawrence Weber
Melchiorre: John Newman
Banquo: Vincent Brennan
Cecato: George Stich
Philippo: Charles Rush
Battisto: Dominic Padden
Silvio: Henry Britt
Marco: Robert Stanton
Alonzo: Arnold Althoff
Verdi: Robert Clark
Beppo: Michael Crowley
Lino: Stephen Trentman
Stephano: William Bellinger
Lucio: Percy Graham
Pedro: Daniel Mahoney
Cavulla: George Kasper
Urso: George Dougan
Guido: Grover Davis
Orazzio: Herbert Bloch
Marino: Emil Miksak
Cerano: August Brown
Dorio: William Reiking
Lupo: Henry Giffin
Leandro: Dominic Groogan
Guards: Jacob Askanas, Henry Dreucke, Patrick McGrath, Arthur Steward, and Francis Walsh


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 32, April 8, 1899, pp. 468.

Play Title: Oedipus Tyrranus

Author: Sophocles
Dates Performed: May 15, 1899
Director: Father Stoffel
Assistant Directors: Father Just, Father Scheier
Musical Director: Prof. McLaughlin
Accompanist: Mr. Dukette
Scene Design and Stage Effects: Prof. Ackerman, Bro. Alphonso Deppegoisser,
and Bro. Raphael
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Greek classes
Event: In honor of His Excellency, Most Reverend Sebastian Martinelli, Apostolic Delegate for the United States

Cast List

Mythologos: James Trahey
Oedipus: Raymond O’Malley
Jocasta: Matthew Schumacher
Creon: John Fennessey
Teiresias: James McGinnis
Priest of Zeus: Julius Nieuwland
Messenger from Corinth: Francis McCollum
Messenger from Palace: Edward Long
Servant of Laius: St. John O’Sullivan
Choragos: John Byrne
Herald: Patrick Dwan
Mythermeneus: Vincent Dwyer
Eteocles: John Kelly
Attendants on Oedipus: Peter Follen, Hugh Gallagher
Polynices: Ernst Davis
Royal Guards: William O’Connor, Patrick Diskin
Ismene: William Manion
Attendants on Jocasta: Joseph Shiels, Edward Ahrens
Antigone: William McBride
Maids of Honor: Arthur Mertz, George Sinnott
Attendants on Creon: John Lilly, Frank Schwab
Boy Attendant on Teiresias: Thomas Noonan
Chorus of Theban Old Men: John Byrne, Frederick Schillo, Thomas Steiner, William Kegler, Chester Atherton, Robert Funk, John Meyers, Peter Wynne, Walter Geoghegan, Francis Bauwens, F. Howard Pim, James Ward, Daniel Collins, George Kellner, Louis Nash, Frank Cornell
Procession of Suppliants: Miecislaus Szalewski, John Hennessey, Matthias Oswald, William Tierney, James O’Sullivan, Paul Ritter, John O’Connell, Vitus Jones, Joseph Toohey, John Slevin, Emil Werk, Thomas Murray, James Sutton, Matthew Walsh, Marcellinus Gorski, William Higgins, Robert Kaftan, Frank Barry, Robert Lynch, James Morgan, Frank Petritz, Henry Fink, John Farley, Eugene Ahern, Daniel McCarthy, Charles Euart, George Zeigler, Edward Rumley

Notes: The play was performed in Greek. Notre Dame was the first to put on a Greek play in the West. Had it not been for the fire of 1879, Notre Dame would have been the first to put on a Greek play in the United States; but the fire allowed for Harvard to beat Notre Dame to the punch.

Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 32, May 20, 1899, pp. 559-564. (Article includes photos.) See also 1906 Dome (Notre Dame’s Annual Yearbook – 1906 was its first year of publication).