Play Title: Patience

Author: Gilbert and Sullivan
Dates Performed: Nov. 30 – Dec. 4, 1942
Director: not found
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre

Cast List


Source(s) Play Program, PNDP 76-Sa-01

Play Title: A Tailor-made Man

Author: Harry James Smith
Dates Performed: March 21, 22, 1943
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Matthew A. Coyle
Set Design: Willoughby Marshall and Bernard Slater

Cast List

John Paul Bart: David Curtin
Mr. Huber: Joseph A. Flynn
Tanya Huber: Barbara L. Dolezel
Peter McConkie: Noel F. Digby
Dr. Sonntag: Frank A. King
Mr. Rowlands: Joseph Gallagher
Mr. Jellicot: Daniel Downey
Pomeroy: George Bariscillo
Mr. Stanlaw: James W. Killoran
Mrs. Stanlaw: Grace Sullivan
Corinne: Kay Landing
Wheating: John B. McKeon:
Mrs. Fitzmorris: Fronie French
Mr. Fitzmorris: Emmet O’Neill:
“Bobbie” Westlake: Willoughby Marshall
Mr. Cain: Walter Riley
Mr. Carroll: Bernard J. Slater
Mr. Crane: Warren Dana
Mr. Flemming: Edward Cashman
Mrs. Kittie Dupuy: Florence Greco
Bessie: Dorothy M. Abel
Mr. Nathan: William Boss
Mr. Grayson: R. G. Clark
Miss Shayne: Agnes Haney
Mr. Whitcombe: Emmet O’Neill
Mr. Russell: Warren Dana
Mr. Flynne: C. A. Slyngstad:

Production Staff

Sound Effects: Walter Riley:


Source(s) Copy of Original Program, University of Notre Dame Archives; Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 78, March 26, 1943, p.9.

Play Title: Let’s Get Going

An original musical comedy
Author: Edward Cashman, student
Music & Lyrics: Edward Cashman
Dates Performed: April 12-15, 1943
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Produced by: John Van Benten
Directed by: John Lynch
Settings by: Robert Beck
Costumes by: Harry Yeates
Lighting by: George Charters
Choreography by: Brock Lynch
Specialty Dances by: Brock Lynch, Joe Byrne
Special Effects: Dan Tomcik
Orchestrations by: Edward Cashman, Rocco Germano, H. Lee Hope, Wade Parks
Musical Direction by: Edward Cashman

Cast List

Fr. Burke: George Bariscillo
Secretary: Betty Lee Landing
Joe Tschaikowsky: Bill Boss
Joe Blow: Jim Crowley
Rocks: Bob Reilly
Dutch: Noel Digby
Slim: Bob Gschwend
Steve: Herb Clark
Algernon: Joe Flynn
Peggy: Marie Manszak
Sammy: Frank King
Lana Grable: Kay Landing
Joan: Agnes Haney
Cynthia: Marilyn Nelson
Dean Flywheel: C. A. Slyngstad
Prof. Graves: Gene Slevin
Prof. Vodkavitch: John McKeon
Prof. Handyswitch: Jack Hawea
Prof. Dingle: Gerry O’Reilly
Prof. Lambkin: Warren Dana
Prof. Pasquelez: Elmer Silha
Prof. O’Beerstein: Jim Murtagh
Mr. Sharp: Gene Slevin
Waitress: Betty Lee Landing
Master of Ceremonies: Joe Flynn
Co-Ed: Benita Guthrie
Student: Tom Bremer
Student: Barney Slater
Fifi: Betty Lee Landing
Colonel: Jim Crowley
Army Doctor: Jim Sullivan
Coach Leahy: Bill Boss
Cheerleader: Brock Lynch
Student Chorus: Jack Hawes, Gerry O’Reilly, Jim Crowley, Tom Bremer, Barney Slater, Jim Murtagh, Frank Gibbons, Elmer Silha, Gene Clevin, Jim Paris, John McKeon, Bill Boss, Brock Lynch, Joe Byrne, C. A. Slyngstad, Evo Fatigati, Warren Dana
Octet: Jim Paris, Jim Murtagh, Gene Slevin, Gerry O’Reilly, Bob Gschwend, Jack Hawes, Frank Gibbons, Barney Slater
Dancing Boys: Brock Lynch, Joe Byrne, Evo Fatigati, Jack Hawes, Jack Kelly, Warren Dana
Dancing Girls: Virginia Scheetz, Rowena Tronnes, Fay Bihary, Shirley Kline, Iris Britton, Frances Strom
Orchestra: Norman Hauser, Victor de Simon, John Boyle, Robert Tate, Ray Piecarsky, Tony Bristol, Dick Pedrotty, Ken Kehl, Bill Binet, Rocco Germano, John di Giralamo, Carl Apone, Ed Cyprus, Gene Crouse, James Murphy

Production Staff

General Manager: George Bariscillo
Stage Manager: John Van Benten
Rehearsal Accompanist: James Murphy
Programs: Harry Yeates
Publicity: James Cunningham
Poster Artist: Don Birren
Properties: Floyd Vincent, Jim Newman
Props: Robert Beck, Dan Tomcik, Jim Kress, Tom Schreiber, Don Heltzel, J. C. R. Clark, George Nesbit
Photographers: Ed Drinkard, Al Schaefer
Make-up: Marguerite Varga, Kay George, Don Virren, Emmett O’Neil
Settings executed by: Robert Beck, Dan Tomcik, Floyd Vincent, Jim Newman
Barney Slater, Tom Schreiber

Notes: “Let’s Get Going” is the first real student written and student produced musical presented to the public. It is a satire on Notre Dame life. Students acted the parts of the most prominent and notorious members of the faculty and administration. This information was found in the program for Brute Farce, 1953.

Source(s) Play Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01 AB1.1 (ND Archives); Notre Dame Scholastic, April 9, 1943, p.5.