Play: The Prince of Portage Prairie or The Burning of Bertrand

Author: Unknown
Date: December 1865
Producing Organization: St. Cecilia Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

The Prince of Portage Prairie: James Graham
Alexander: John Flanigan
Duke of Goshen: Joseph Hayes
Marquis of South Bend: William Partridge
The Barber of Mishawaka: James O’Reilly
The Hermit of the Valley: John O’Connell
A Water Spirit: Charles Braunstein
A Butler: Joseph Rohan:
Two Spies: John Skelly & John Hayes
Indian Chief: Charles Spencer
Bugler & Drill-Sergeant: A. D. & A. J. Langan
The Arkansas Traveler: Charles Deyo
Zouaves, Attendants, Indians, etc.

Source: Scholastic 1:20, 4-6 (Act 1); 1:22, 2-4 (Act 2).

Play: The Law Student

Author: Unknown
Date: March 17, 1866
Producing Organization: St. Cecilia Philomathean Society

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