Play Title: Nights and Daze [talent show]

Author: varied
Date: Wed., before Feb. 2, 1945
Venue: Washington Hall
Promoter: unknown
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: V-12 trainees
Judges: unknown

Cast List

Master of Ceremonies: (Seaman) Ed Gunn
Music: The V-12 Commanders

Acts included Leroy Longnecker (ventriloquism), Agnes Haney and Catherine Harreman (vocalists), Harlan Hogan Quartet (from radio station WSBT), Don Toker and Robert Vosburg (tumbling), Dorothy and Margaret Bosscawan (trumpet duet), Marilyn Beabout and Beverly Broman (cello and piano), Ed Gunne (skit narrator), Geraldine Roy and the Royal Hawaiian All-Girl orchestra (Hawaiian chants and melodies).

Note: None.

Source: Scholastic 83:11, Feb. 2, 1945, 5.

Play Title: Shadow and Substance

Author: Paul Vincent Carroll
Dates Performed: Feb. 1945
Director: Fr. Ward and Fr. Art Harvey
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Moreau Seminary

Cast List


Source: Play Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01 AB1.1