Play: The Alchemist

Author: Ben Jonson
Dates: November 16-19, 1955
Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Fred W. Syburg
Setting Designed by: Reno Masini
Performance Coach: Edward L. Doyle
Costumes by: Mrs. W. P. Walsh
Rev. Arthur S. Harvey, CSC


Subtle, The Alchemist: Joseph Kelly
Face, The Housekeeper: Reginald Bain
Dol Common: Louise Warnicke
Dapper, A Lawyer’s Clerk: Jerry Dodge
Drugger, A Tobacco Man: John Kent
Sir Epicure Mammon, A Knight: James Cremins
Pertinax Surly: Charles Armbruster
Tribulation Wholesome: James O’Donoghue
Ananias, A Deacon: Gary Gates
Kastril, The Angry Boy: George Hahn
Dame Pliant, His Sister: Frances Cappabianca
Lovewit: Phillip Donahue
Neighbors: Thomas Brady, Michael Sophy, Connie Torczynski, Diana Wilkinson
Officers: James Cooney, Kevin Solon

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Robert Moran
Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Jandrisevits
Stage Carpenter: Terry Nieuwlandt
Electrician: John Caster
Property Chairman: Joseph McArdle
Sound: David Neal
Wardrobe: Hildegarde Vargyas
Publicity: Richard Boff
Construction: Tom Arnold, James Breedlove, Phillip Donahue, Steve Fox, Peter Jandrisevits, Timothy Murphy, David Neal, Larry Rex, Peter Taylor
Painting: James Cooney, Robert Daley, Joseph McArdle
Properties: Richard Jones, Frank Tatulle

Note: Congratulatory telegrams were common at this time. The one below was from William J. Elsen who had been director of the University Theatre for the four academic years 1948-52.

Image of Elsen telegram
Source: Dome 1956, 286-289; Program and telegram, Frederic Syburg collection.

Play: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

Author: Herman Wouk
Dates Performed: February 29-March 4, 1956
Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Rev. Arthur S. Harvey, CSC
Lighting Design: Fred W. Syburg
Performance Coach: Edward L. Doyle
Set Designer: Fred W. Syburg


Lt. Stephen Maryk: Phillip Donahue
Lt. Barney Greenwald: Allan Riley
Lt. Com. John Challee: James Cooney
Captain Blakely: Peter Wistort
Lt. Com. Philip F. Queeg: Robert Sasseen
Lt. Thomas Keefer: Gavin King
Signalman 3C J. Urban: Joseph Kelly
Lt. Willis Seward Keith: Reginald Bain
Capt. Randolph Southard: George O’Donnell
Dr. Forrest Lundeen: Benedict Harrington
Dr. Bird: Michael Kennedy
Stenographer: Bernard Gessner
Orderly: Thomas Brady
Members of the Court: William Brisick, Charles Conway, Daniel Liddy, Joseph Ryan, Kevin Solon, Earl Ware

Production Staff

Stage Manager: John Kent
Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Jandrisevits
Stage Carpenter: Terry Nieuwlandt
Electrician: David Neal
Art Work: Joseph McArdle
Properties: Richard Jones
Publicity: Robert Moran
Wardrobe: Mrs. W. P. Walsh
Construction: Peter Jandrisevits, Mark Maley, Terry Nieuwlandt


Source: Dome 1956, 286-289; Program, Frederic Syburg collection; Scholastic 97:?, Dec. 9, 1955, 12, ?:?, Jan. 20, 1955, 8.

Play: Finian’s Rainbow

Book: E. Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy
Lyrics: E. Y. Harburg
Music: Burton Lane
Dates: May 9-13, 1956
June 2, 1956, Commencement
Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Edward L. Doyle
Choral Direction: Rev. William J. McAuliffe, CSC
Performance Coach: Rev. Arthur S. Harvey, CSC
Choreography: Allan J. Powers
Scenery Designed by: Joseph McArdle
Costume Design: Jackie Baumer
Setting & Lighting: Fred W. Syburg
At the Organ: Charles Armbruster
At the Pianos: Terri Steinhoffer
Edward Thomas


Buzz Collins: Joe Maier
Sheriff: Bob Moran
Susan Mahoney: Virginia Thomas
Henry: Pat Heffernan
Diana: Pat Costello
Finian McLonergan: Ben Kleindorfer
Sharon McLonergan: Suzanne Brown
Woody Mahoney: Bob Vrancken
Og (A Leprechaun): Jerry Dodge
Senator Billboard Rawkins: George O’Donnell
1st Geologist: Joe Mocarski
2nd Geologist: Jim Reidy
Mr. Shears: Jim O’Donoghue
Mr. Robust: Tom Plofchan
The Deputy: Gerry Trafficanda
Paula: Pauline Stavropolos
Gene: Gene Leyval
Judy: Judy O’Donnell
Betsy: Betsy Finneran
Dancers: Betsy Finneran, Hannah Grasberger, Judy Merton, Judy O’Donnell, Dan Dalton, Phil Donahue, Dan Ferrone, Gene Leyval, Dan Liddy
Singers: Jackie Baumer, Pat Costello, Kay Flinn, Sue Henderson, Lynda Leigh, Thamer Sacco, Pauline Stavropolos, Le Anne Swartzbaugh, Pat Heffernan, Joe Mocarski, Jim O’Donoghue, Tom Plofchan, Jim Reidy, Dave Shanahan, Gerrz Trafficanda

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Michael Koch
Assistant Stage Manager: William De Seta
Stage Carpenter: Terry Nieuwlandt
Electrician: Sam Nigro
Assistant Electrician: David Neal
Wardrobe: Gayle Baumer, Pat Smith
Properties: Charles Bowen, Andrew Connelly
Construction and Painting: Charles Conway, James Cooney, Crane Day, Mark Maley, Joseph McArdle, Sam Nigro, Jack Revord, Dave Roberts, Frank Zulke


Source: Program, Frederic Syburg collection; Scholastic 97:?, March 23, 1956, 11.

Play: The Complaining Angel

Authors: Book by Natalie E. White; Music by Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C., and Dudley Birder; Lyrics by Sister Mary Francis, P.C., and John D. Tumpane
Dates: July 21, 22, 23, 1956, 7:30 P.M.
Producing Organization: The Department of Speech presents The Genesian Players
Venue: Engineering Auditorium

Cast and Crews: See Program

Notes: “For Religious Only”

Source: Program, Frederic Syburg collection

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