Film: Quo Vadis?

Director: Enrico Guazzoni
Authors: Henryk Sienkiewicz and Enrico Guazzoni
Date: Saturday morning, November 6, 1915
Venue: Washington Hall

Source: Dome, 1916, 160.

Play: The Annual Student Vaudeville

Authors: Various
Date: Tuesday evening, November 9, 1915
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Professor Emmet Lenihan
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club


“The Hawaiian Sextette. . . clad in white flannel suits, under the rays of a moonlike spotlight. . .banjoed and ukaleyied until Geo. Washington and Bill Shakespeare wanted to get down from the wall and dance” (Dome, 1916, 158).


Source: Dome, 1916, 154,158: “Variety with a capital V.”

Film: The Birth of a Nation

Director: D.W. Griffith
Date: Friday, December 3, 1915
Venue: Washington Hall

Source: Dome, 1916: The file was “correct in every detail” (160).

Film: The Man from Home

Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Date: Saturday, March 4, 1916
Venue: Washington Hall

Source: Dome, 1916, 160. This 1914 film, starring Charles Richman, was based on the novel by Booth Tarkington, and is not to be confused with the 1922 remake by George Fitzmaurice. Other spring 1916 films included The County Chairman and The Warrens of Virginia. The Collegian Orchestra accompanied these film screenings.

Play: The Marriage of Kitty

Author: Cosmo Gordon Lennox, adapted from the French of La Passerelle by Madame F. De Gresac and Monsieur F. De Croisset (1909)
Date: St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1916
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Professor Emmet Lenihan, who also played the lead role
Stage Managers: probably Brother Cyprian, Austin McNichols, Hugh Carroll, and Dudley Pearson
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club

Cast List

Traver’s Clerk: Archibald Duncan
Sir Reginald Belsize: John Urban Riley
Kitty’s Maid: Richard Lightfoot
Norbury, a butler: William Fox
John Travers, an Irish lawyer: Harry Scott
Kitty: Emmett Lenihan
Madame de Semiano: William Curley

Note: The Marriage of Kitty was first produced ata the Duke of York’s Theatre, London, August 19, 1902.

Source: Scholastic 49:?, March 25, 1916, 421-2; 1916 Dome, 157.

Play: Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare
Date: afternoon, May 31, 1916
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Professor Lenihan
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club

Cast List

Duke Orsino: Frederick G. Slackford
Valentine: Thomas C. Kelly
Curio: Delmar J. Edmondson
Gentleman: Harold M. McCullough
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Erich H. DeFries
Sir Toby Belch: Herman A. Cook
Malvolio: William B. Meuser
Sebastian: Edward G. Lindemann
Antonio: Frank C. Holslag
Clown: Austin A. McNichols
Fabian: Hugh W. O’Neill
Sea Captain: Rigney J. Sackley
Viola: Frank P. Goodall
Olivia: Charles J. McCauley
Maria: Richard E. Lightfoot:
Officers: Robert G. McGuire, Charles Laurens Cook
Pages: James E. Barry, Jr., Hubert B. Peugnet
Ladies: Francis Jennings Vurpillat, Arthur James Moore

Note: The Cast List and other information on this play was not available at the time of printing of the 1916 Dome.

Source: Scholastic 49:36, June 10, 1916, 587; Dome 1916, 153; 1917, 159.

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