Play: Student Vaudeville

Author: an assemblage of student talent acts
Date: December 5, 1914
Director: James “David Belasco” Riddle
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: Unknown

Multiple acts and cast (to follow)

Notes: “Vitagraph pictures of the Notre Dame-Carlisle game concluded the entertainment.”

Source: Dome 1915, 206-207.

Play: The Rosary

Author: not found
Dates Performed: President’s Day, December 15, 1914
Director: John Drury, professor of elocution
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club


Father Kelly: Professor John Drury
Bruce Wilton: John O’Donnell
Kenward Wright: John Urban Riley
Lee Martin, alias “Skeeter”: Joseph Clovis Smith
Charley Harrow: Timothy Patrick Galvin
Vera Wilton: Emmet George Lenihan
Alice Marsh: Emmet George Lenihan
Lesura Watkins: Wilmer Otis Finch
Kathleen O’Connor: Charles Edmonson


Source: Dome 1915, 210-211

Play: The Philopatrian Minstrels

Author: various
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1915
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Earl S. Dickens
Musical Director: Stephen E. Burns
Costumes: Chicago Costume Works
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: Philopatrians


First Part: “The Palace of Mirth and Melody” with 8 acts (to follow)
Interlocutor: Walter J. Hebert
Comedians: Gaston A. Hebert; Barrett J. Anderson; Clarence A. Bader; Charles A. Carey
Vocalists: 22 names (to follow)
Second Part: “A California Cabaret Garden” with 14 acts (to follow)
Closing Chorus: “Mississippi Cabaret”

Notes:Source:Scholastic 48:19 (Feb 13, 1915), 315; Dome 1915, 208 – 209.

Senior Play: The Girl of the Golden West

Author: David Belasco
Dates Performed: Sat., April 24, 1915
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: John Drury
Scenery: Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Senior Class

Cast List

The Girl: Emmett Lenihan
Wockle, the Fox; Billy’s Squaw: Knute Rockne
Dick Johnson, a stranger (Ramerrez, the road agent): J. Urban Riley
Jack Rance, gambler and sheriff: Rupert Mills
Sonora Slim: Erich de Fries
Trinidad Joe: Harold Madden
Nick, bartender at the “Polka”: Joseph Gargan
The Sidney Duck, a faro dealer: La Rue Lawbaugh
Jim Larkens: J. Harry Sylvestre
“Happy” Halliday: Walter Miller
“Handsome” Charley: Martin Henehan
Deputy Sheriff: Bernard Voll
Billy Jack Rabbit, an Indian: Charles SoldaniAshby, Wells-Fargo Agent: Albert Kuhle
Jose Castro, ex-padrona of the bull fights and horse breaker, now with Ramerrez’ Band: Vincent Mooney
Rider of the Pony: William Whalen
Bucking Billy: Walter de Gree
Ridge Men: Thomas Truder; William Meuser

Time: During the days of the gold fever, 1849-1850.
Place: Cloudy Mountain, California, a Mining Camp.

Musical Program by the University OrchestraDirector: Frank Derrick

March–Captain Betty…Baxter
Gems of Stephen Foster…Tobani
Selection–The Marquis…Lacome
Characteristic–Humpty Dumpty…Straight
March–Panama Exposition…PiersonNotes:
Charles Soldani, who went on to a successful Hollywood career, was indeed a Native American who played “an Indian” in this production; his “squaw” was played by first-year faculty member Knute Rockne.

Source:Bulletin 1914-15, 10:4, 33-36; Program, PNDP 76-Un-01, UNDA; Dome 1915, 115, 206-214

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