Play: The Zone Police

Author: Richard Harding Davis

Play: The Fool of God

Author: Professor Charles Phillips
Dates Performed: spring 1926
Director: not found
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Dramatic Club, also known as the Players Club

Cast List

not found

Notes: Father Mooney and Mr. Kelly offered a course this year in Play Produciton to resurrect drama on the Notre Dame campus.

Play: The Monogram Absurdities of ’26

Dates Performed: March 18, 19, 20, 1926
Director: Lester C. Grady
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The Monogram Club

Miss Violet Ray Dahman: “Buck” Dahman Prudence Prim McNally: Vince McNally Others: John Wallace, Harry O’Boyle, Charles Walsh, Ra Marelli, Vincent McNally, Thomas Farrell Songs: Charles Reitz; Vince fagan, Joe Breig, John Butler, Joseph Prelli
not found

Notes: “Joseph Casasanta’s ‘Down the Line’ proved to be one of Notre Dame most stirring songs.”

Source: Dome 1926, 210-214.

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