Play: The Ghost

Author: Unknown
Dates: Saturday Evening, October 12, 1868
Producing Organization: The Thespian Association
Venue: Washington Hall

Garrick: M. S. Ryan
Plump: A. B. White
Blinde: H. B. Keeler
Wilde, Jr.: James O’Reilly
Gouvernet: J. M. Moriarty
Tom: William Rhodes
George: William Ryan
Newsboy: Jason Page

Notes: After Acts I & III–Orchestra, After Act II–Band

Source: Scholastic 2:7, 53.

Play Title: If I Were A King

Author: Mr. E. M. Guthrie
Dates Performed: December 15, 1868
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St. Cecilia Philomathean Society
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: St. Cecilia’s Day Exhibition:

Cast List

Genaro: Robert Staley
Ferdinand: James F. Ryan
Orazzio: John W. Coppinger
Valerio: Mark Foote
Alberto: William Clark
Ruisco: D. J. Wile
Bozza: James Wilson
Giovine: Aloysius Hemsteger
Banquo: P. J. O’Connell
Silvio: Vincent Hackmann
Baptista: Michael Mahony
Philippo: Ben Heffernan
Cecato: Asa Wetherbee
Marco: James Dooley:
Gonsalvo: L. F. Wilson
Melchiore: Franklin P. Dwyer
Alonzo: Rufus H. McCarty
Cesare: Zach Vaudeveer
Courtier: Joseph Mulhall
Marini: George Redfield
Doria: Frank Nicholas
Lino: John McHugh
Beppo: Hendry O’Neill
Lupo: G. McCartney
Hugo: John Kelly
Crescio: Charles Marantette
Marzo: F. Spencer
Royal usher: James McGuire
Stephano: Philip Cochrane
Pedro: James Deehan
Urson: Charles Hutchings
Lucio: Charles Burdell
Serano: Thomas Arrington
Prologue: James Wilson

Notes: “Composed expressly for the St. Cecilia Society, by a friend, for the purpose of bringing out the elocutionary talent of the Junior Collegiate Department.”

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 15, p. 119.

Play: Count De Moor

Author: Based on The Robbers by Schiller
Dates: February 22, 1869
Producing Organization: Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Washington’s Birthday:

Cast List

Chas. de Moor: M. S. Ryan
Francis de Moor: J. M. Moriarty
Count de Moor: W. Rhodes
Julius: J. Eisenman
Herman: A. B. White
Switzer: L. B. Logan
Roller: J. O’Reilly
Spiegelberg: H. Keeler
Schufterle: S. Corby
Kazman: J. S. Gavit
Grimm: H. P. Morancy
Daniel: W. Roy
Commissary: A. W. Arrington
Kozinski: J. Fleming:
National Air: Band
Overture: Orchestra

Notes: Count De Moor was based on Schiller’s play, The Robbers. “This play as originally written would not, of course, have been allowed on our stage; but the director of the Thespians [Prof. M. T. Corby], finding that it was well suited to bring out the speaking talent of the Society, remodeled the objectionable parts, while preserving the spirit of the original.”

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 24, p. 190 & No. 25 p. 197-199.

Play Title: A Race for a Dinner

Author: Unknown
Dates Performed: February 22, 1869
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Washington’s Birthday:

Cast List

Sponge: H. B. Keeler
Feedwell: W. Rhodes
Doric: A. B. White
Measureaton: J. M. Moriarty
Dalton: A. W. Arrington
Lovell: R. L. Akin
Francis: J. O’Reilly
Gammon: S. Corby

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 24, p. 190.

Play: The Ghost

Author: Unknown
Dates Performed: March 17, 1869
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Thespian Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Garrick: M. S. Ryan
Plump: A. B. White
Blinde: H. B. Keeler
Wilde, Jr.: James O’Reilly
Gouvernet: J. M. Moriarty
Tom: William Rhodes
George: James Wilson
Newsboy: John Gavit
Workmen, Soldiers and Citizens

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 28, p. 221.

Play: The Son of the Sun; or, The fate of Phaeton
a classical burlesque burletta in one act

Author: Gilbert Abbott à Beckett
Dates: April 27, 1869
Producing Organization: Silver Jubilee Club
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Silver Jubilee Preliminary Celebration

Cast List

Jupiter Olympius: W. A. Walker
Phoebus Apollo: James A. Dickinson
Phaëton: W. P. McClain
Mars: George Mc. Atkinson
Mercury: R. L. Akin
Bacchus: J. M. Moriarty
Vulcan: James Cunnea
Boreas: G. R. Hatchett
Neptune: E. D. Riddle
The Infant Orpheus: Ivo Buddeke
Orpheus: B. Vocke
Orion: M. J. Carney
Gemini: H. C. Allen & L. G. Dupler
Serpentarius: J. Garhartstine
Boötes: J. Zahm
Aquarius: J. C. Eisenman
The Dog Star: Mr. Noisy
The River Styx: Signor Furioso
A. D. 1844: J. Zahm
A. D. 1869: J. C. Eisenman
Dr. Pangloss: T. F. Heery

Notes: George Mc. Atkinson delivered the Prologue. For a list of the musical numbers and musicians, see Scholastic 2:34, 269-270. Mr. Noisy may be the first quadruped (dog) to appear on the Washington Hall stage.

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 34, p. 269.

Play: The Mistake

Author: Unknown
Dates Performed: April 27, 1869
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Silver Jubilee Club
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Silver Jubilee Preliminary Celebration

Cast List

Mr. Hardcastle: George Mc. Atkinson
Tony: W. A. Walker
Charles Marlow: R. L. Akin
George Hastings: Ivo Buddeke
Landlord of the Village Inn: T. L. Watson
Song and Dance: M. J. Carney:

Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 34, p. 269.

Play: The Prodigal Law Student

Author: Father Augustus Lemonnier, CSC
Performed: May 22 & June 23, 1869
Producing Organization: Saint Cecilia Philomathean Association
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Return of V. Rev. E. Sorin & Twenty-Fifth Annual Commencement and Silver Jubilee

Artistic Staff

C. A. B. Von Weller, F. R. A.

Cast List

Frederick–Law Student: R. Staley
Mr. Martin: D. J. Wile
Alfred: F. Dwyer
Angelo: Mark Foote
Tightfist: C. Burdell
Mr. Richards: P. O’Connell
Professor Allgood: J. W. Coppinger
General Watson: p. Cochrane
Harry: V. Hackmann
John: H. Hays
Foster: G. McCartney
Eugene: W. Clarke
O’Flaherty: J. Deehan
Doctor Fuzby: A. Hemsteger
Jake: C. Hutchings
Bob: J. Dooley:
Spencer: J. McGuire
Samuel: J. McHugh
1st Citizen: E. Bahm
2d Citizen: J. Combs
1st Newsboy: M. Mahony
2d Newsboy: T. Arrington
Aids to General Watson: Marrantette
Admiral Ross: L. Wilson
F. Spencer,: Captain Henderson W. Clark
J. Nash:
Zouaves, Citizens, &c


Source(s) Scholastic Volume 2, No. 38, p. 302.

Play: Richelieu, or the Conspiracy

Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton (1803-1873)
Dates: June 22, 1896
Producing Organization: Thespian Association
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: Commencement and the Silver Jubilee

Artistic Staff

Director: Prof. M. T. Corby

Cast List

Louis the Thirteenth: L. B. Logan
Gaston: A. W. Arrington
First Courtier: J. O’Reilly
Baradas: A. B. White
Cardinal: M. S. Ryan
Joseph: H. B. Keeler
The Chevalier de Mauprat: J. J. Fleming
François: H. P. Morancy
The Sieur De Beringhen: W. P. Rhodes
Huguet: F. Ingersoll
First Secretary of State: R. L. Akin
Second Secretary: J. A. Fox
Governor of the Bastile: J. Wilson
De Lorme: J. S. Gavitt
Page to Orleans: J. Eisenman
Captain of Archers: P. Barrett
Captain of Arquebusiers: T. Dillon:
Courtiers, Pages, Conspirators, Officers, Soldiers, etc.

Notes: “Between acts, Music by the Orchestra and Brass band alternately.”

Source: Scholastic 2:40, 319-320.

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