Exhibition: Twenty-First Annual Commencement

Thursday, June 22, 1865.


Overture–“Twinkling Stars”: Band
Ancient and Modern Eloquence: A. Tammany
Aria from the Opera of Don Giovanni: Orchestra
The Spirit of the Age:  J. C. Dunlap
“The Prisoner’s Hope” Quartette:  Messrs. Corby, Scott, Hyland and Braunstein
De Immortalitate Anime: M. J. Baasen
“Shells of Ocean”: Orchestra
Ancient and Modern Rome: T. A. Corcoran
Quadrille:  Orchestra
“The Old Flag,” Quartette:  Messrs. Corby, Scott, Hyland, and Braunstein
True Liberty: E. M. Brown
Syracuse Polka: Orchestra
Valedictory: Hugh Gillen
“Dearest Spot on Earth”: Band

Distribution of Premiums

Music:  Field Band
A Scene–Ceremony of Initiation: [blank]
Music:  Field Band
“Who Will Care for Mother Now?”: Messrs. Corby, Scott, Hyland and Braunstein

Conferring of DegreesAnvil Chorus: Band

Closing Remarks, by Major General [William Tecumseh] Sherman [1820-1891]

Signal March: Band

Note:  There was no play this year because Washington Hall had been converted into a dormitory the last year of the Civil War to accommodate increased enrollment. In addition, the April assassination of President Abraham Lincoln may have influenced the celebration of the day. See Washington Hall at Notre Dame, 42-43.

Source:Catalogue 21, 1864-65, 60.

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