17th St. Cecilia Exhibition, December 10, 1874

(postponed from November 22 due to deaths of Fathers Lemonnier and Gillespie)


Grand St. Cecilia March: N.D.U.C. Band
Overture–“Fidelio” (Beethoven): Orchestra
Address–Salutatory: J. P. McHugh
La Marseillaise: Vocal Class
Ode to St. Cecilia: A. K. Schmidt
Overture–“Fra Diavolo” (Auber): Orchestra
Prologue: D. J. O’Connell


Play Title: The Miser.
A Comedy in Three Acts.

Author: Molière (translated from the French)
Dates Performed: Dec. 10, 1874
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St Cecilia Philomathean Society
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Harpagon–Father to Cleonte and Polyander: J. F. Beegan
Cleonte: J. P. McHugh
Polyander: A. K. Schmidt
Lapierre–Steward to Harpagon: J. F. Soule
Lafleche–Valet to Cleonte: D. J. O’Connell
Orontes–Citizen–Neighbor to Harpagon: J. E. Wood
Anselm, a Rich Notary: L. P. Best
Maître Jacques–Cook and Coachman to Harpagon: W. S. Meyer
Orville–A Commisarry: T. McNamara
Lamerluche, an Attendant: J. W. Minton
Brindavoine, an Attendant: J. L. Perea
Antoine, an Attendant: J. F. Dore
Music–Waltz–(After Act First): N.D.U.C. Band
Overture–“Der Freischütz” (Von Weber): Profs. Paul and Mayr, and Messrs. Walters and Otto

To Conclude with

A Cure For Dumbness or Doctor Nolens

A Farce in One Act.

Gregory–Doctor Nolens: R. J. Downey
Dion–Brother to Gregory: H. D. Faxon
Sir Jasper Credulous: L. P. Best
Squire Robert–Very unassuming: T. J. Solon
James, an Attendant: J. D. McIntyre
Harry, an Attendant: F. G. Palmer
Closing Remarks: Fathers General and Cooney
March–“You may retire,”: N.D.U.C. Band

SourceScholastic 8:13, Dec.19, 1874, 169.

Washington’s Birthday Exhibition

Tuesday, February 23, 1875, 7 P.M.


Part First.

Grand March: N.D.U.C. Band
Overture (“Moren, Mittag, und Abend”–Suppé): Orchestra
Song and Chorus–“Hark! Hark!”–Bishop): Gillespie C[horal]. Union
Oration of the Day: E. J. McLaughlin
Music: N.D.U.C. Band

Part Second.

Play Title: The Brigand, A Romantic Drama in Two Acts.
–Remodelled for the Occasion

Author: Unknown

Director: Prof. J. A. Lyons
Dates Performed: February 23, 1875
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Thespian Association


Allesandro Massaroni: R. S. Staley
Prince Bianchi: J. J. Gillen
Nicolo: E. J. McLaughlin
Albert: T. J. Murphy
Theodore: J. E. Kelly
Pietro: J. G. Ewing
Octavio: W. Ball
Count Carrafa: E. J. Graves
Fabio and Corbini: T. H. Grier
Rubaldo: B. Euans
Spoleto: J. F. Rudge
Carlotte: C.M. Proctor
Yager: J. F. Rudge

Guests, Servants, Brigands, etc.

Music (“Pot-Pouri”–Suppé): Orchestra
Declamation: Jos. P. McHugh
Song–“Angel so Fair”: T. M. O’Leary

To Conclude with the Farce Entitled

Cherry Bounce.

Mr. Oldrents: E. J. McLaughlin
Gregory Homespun: R. W. Staley
Gammon: B. Euans
Spinage: T. Grier
Old Homespun: E. J. Graves
Doctor’s Boy: F. B. Devoto
Closing Remarks: Rev. Fr. Colovin
Music: N.D.U.C. Band

SourceScholastic 8:22, Feb. 20, 1875, 316; 8:23, Feb. 27, 1875, 329-30.

St. Patrick’s Day Exhibition

(March 16, 1875–the evening before St. Patrick’s Day)

Play Title: White Horse of the Peppers

Author: Samuel Lover (1797-1868)
Dates Performed: March 16, 1875
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Columbian Literary and Debating Club

Play Title: The Smoked Miser (a farce)

[cast list goes here]

SourceScholastic 8:26, March 20, 1875, 377.

17th Annual Summer Exercises, 1875

on the occasion of the Celebration of the patronal festival of the Very Rev. Alexis Granger, C.S.C.
Tuesday Evening, June 8, 1875.

Play Title: The Malediction
A drama in three acts, translated from the French

Author: Unknown
Dates Performed: June 8, 1875
Producing Organization: St. Cecilia Philomathean Association
Venue: Washington Hall

[Cast List goes here]

Closing Remarks: Very Rev. Father Granger

SourceScholastic 8:38, June 12, 1875, 569-70.

Commencement Exhibition 1875

Play Title: Vildac
a drama in three acts translated from the French

Author: C. T. P. Leveque
Dates Performed: June 22, 1875 (related to Commencement)
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: Thespian Society

Director: Prof. J. A. Lyons
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Count Vildac: E. J. McLaughlin
[more cast needed here]

Play Title: End of the Tether, or a Legend of the Patent-Office (a farce)

Author: Unknown
Dates: June 22, 1875
Thespian Society

Director: Prof. J. A. Lyons
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List:

Mr. Bland Smyle (Bubble Company Promoter and Finance Agent): J. Murphy
[more cast needed here]

SourceScholastic 8-39, June 23, 1875, 533-34.