Play Title: Mikado

Dates Performed:
Director: D. J. Roche
Sponsoring/Producing Organization:
Venue: President’s Day

Artistic Staff

Orchestra Director: F. F. Dukette

Cast List

Ko Ko: H. V. Crumley
Katishka: O. White
Nanki Poo: W. M. Wimberg
Pooh Bah: L. Heiser
Pish Tush: W. Siewertsen
Yum Yum: F. P. Kasper
Pitti Sing: A. J. Burger
Peep Bo: J. P. Gallart

Notes: This is an opera

Source(s): The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 35, December 7, 1901, pp. 210-214

Play Title: Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare
Dates Performed: March 17, 1902
Director: Prof. John Lane O’Connor
Stage Manager: Not listed
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Students of the University
Event: St. Patrick’s Day

Cast List

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Harry “Pete” Crumley
Sir Toby Belch: William M. Wimberg
Malvolio: J.J. Sullivan
Court Fool: Mr. Heiser
Olivia: Orrin White
Viola: Louis E. Wagner
Maria: Louis E. Best
Sebastian: Charles A. Gorman
Antonio: P.J. O’Grady
Duke Orsino: Washington McCormick
Friend of Sir Toby: Clarence Kennedy
Others: Mr. O’Malley, Mr. Fred Kasper, Mr. Myers

Notes: Information gained from article in 1906 Dome which discussed some of the most prominent student actors since 1899

Source(s): 1906 Dome and Original Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01 (ND Archives)
The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 35, March 28, 1902, pp. 421-3.

Play Title: As You Like It

Author: William Shakespeare
Dates Performed: March 31, 1902
Directors: John Lane O’Connor, Bro. Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Philopatrians

Cast List

Orlando: B.M. Taylor
Amiens: F. P. Kasper
William: L.R. Van Sant
Le Beau: L.R. Van Sant
Oliver: J. R. Record
Denis: F. Pryor
Jaques De Bois: F. Pryor
Rosalind: A.J. Burger
Celia: P.A. Weisse
Charles: F.T. Foley
Audrey: C.P. Mooney
Touchstone: L.F. Fleming
Adam: A.J. Dwan
Corin: T.P. O’Sullivan
Silvius: K.E. Kasparis
Phebe: A.C. Bosworth
Jacques: W.P. Hall
Duke Frederick: M.J. Kenefick
Banished Duke: J.B. Cogan


Source(s): The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 35, April 5, 1902, pp. 435-6.

Play Title: The Bell in the Forest

Author: A. Schindler
Dates Performed: May 25 and June 18, 1902
Director: Prof. Roche
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Minims of St. Edward’s Hall

Cast List

Prince Percival: G. Shannon
Count Ruprecht: C. Kelley
Count Leopold: R. Farrell
Alexis Forster: E. O’Brien
Karl Krag: T. Smithwick
Bluster: G. Freese
Screech: B. Mulligan
Franz Staub: D. Randle
Stitchem: J. McBride
Chopem: W. Purdy
Waxem: E. Rousseau
Kneadem: John Young

Notes: Originaly performed in welcoming Rev. President home from the West. Reperformed for Commencement on June 18, 1902.

Source(s): Original Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01 (ND Archives)
The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 35, June 28, 1902, p. 620.