Department of Film, Television, and Theatre

Faculty: Pamela Robertson Wojcik (Chair), Matt Hawkins (Acting Director of Theatre), Ted Barron, Christine Becker, Terrance Brown, Tarryn Chun, C. Kenneth Cole, Jim Collins, John Corba, William Donaruma, Kevin Dreyer, La Donna L. Forsgren, Anne García-Romero, Ricky Herbst, Peter Holland, Michael Kackman, Mary Celeste Kearney, Cecilia Kim, Carys Kresny, Ted Mandell, Olivier Morel, Mary Pergola Parent, Matthew Thomas Payne, Siiri Scott, George Sikharulidze, Marcus Stephens

Emeriti: Reginald Bain, Donald Crafton, Richard Donnelly, Jill Godmilow, Anton Juan, Susan Ohmer, Mark Pilkinton

Staff: Lori Butchko, Tre Goodhue, Lynn Holbrook, Jo Ann Norris

2023-2024 Theatre Events

Play: A Doll’s House 1954

Author: Adapted by Carys Kresny, based on the original play by Henrik Ibsen

Date: November 9-12, 2023

Producing Organization: Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre

Venue: Patricia George Decio Theatre, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center


Nora Helmer: Kate Turner*+

Theodore Helmer: Parker Fulton Felterman

Dr. Rank: Solomon Duane+

Mrs. Linde: Irene Cornett*+

Mr. Krogstad: Eli Gay

Annie: Lindsay Goldschmidt*+

The Boy: Minsub Song

Anja: Cecilia Nagy

Andy: Stephen Nagy


Director: Carys Kresny

Acting Director of Theatre: Matt Hawkins

Stage Manager: Carolyn Dell*

Assistant Stage Manager: Minsub Song

Costume Designer/Costume Shop Manager: Lynn Holbrook

Set Designer: Marcus Stephen

Lighting Designer & Technical Director: C. Kenneth Cole

Assistant Lighting Designer & Light Board Operator: Grace Osoteo*+

Sound Designer & Sound Board Operator: Karla Guerra

Dramaturg and Platform Translation^: Dr. Anne-Charlotte Harvey

Dramaturg: Abigail Schnell**

Properties: Leah Jordan

Dressers: Angelina McKimson, Molly Fink

Professional Stitcher: Kathleen Werner

Graphic Designer: Quinn Early**, Evelyn Berry+

Costume Shop Assistants

Delna Balsara

Lindsay Goldschmidt*+

Lucia Aguzzi+

Angelina McKimson

Patrick Hsiao

Molly Fink

Scene Shop Assistants

Grace Osoteo*+

Minsub Song

Karla Guerra

Nick Andersonz*

Sydney Hank*

*denotes FTT Major

**denotes FTT Alumni

+denotes Musical Theatre Minor

^A platform translation combines extensive notes on dramatic action and context with a word for word translation and commentary on the function of the original diction, syntax, and character voices.