Play: The Redemption of Jimmy Anson

Author: not found
Dates: President’s Day, 1911
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Father Maloney
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The Dramatic Club

Cast List

Jimmy Arson: George Lynch
Rose Lane: Cecil Birder
Warden Handler: William McGarry
Doyle: William Hicks
Mrs. Webster: Mr. Twining
Mrs. Moore: Mr. Cox
Others: Messrs. Daly, Dockweitz, Milroy, Cotter, Galvin, Finn, Clark


Source: Dome 1912, 154-5.

Vaudeville Show

Date: December 9, 1911
Venue: Washington Hall

Note: for the benefit of the Athletic AssociationSource:Dome 1912, 154.

Play: King of the Kilts

Author: John Lane Conner
Dates: St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1912
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The Philopatrian Society

Cast List

James VI: Master French
William Shakespeare: Arthur McNichol
Hobs: T. J. McDonough
Mortimer: Millard Burt
Sir Thomas Lacy: R. H. McCure


Source: Dome 1912, 155-6.

Play: The Rise of Peter McCabe

Author: not found
Dates: Easter Monday, April 8, 1912
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Fr. William A. Maloney, director of dramatics
Scenic Designer: Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Producing Organization: The Senior Class

Cast List

Peter McCabe: William McGarry
Ryan: Patrick Cunning
Mrs. McCabe: Cecil Birder
Gates: Thomas Dockweiler
Donald Balwin: Patrick Barry
Mrs. Palmer: Mr. Cox
Mr. Balwin: Cyril J. Curran
“Porky” O’Flynn: Hugh Daly
Others: Messrs. Cusick, Howard, Galvin, and Murphy


Source: Dome 1912, 156-8.

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