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Striking Out the Myths behind the Curveball

Anybody who has played baseball growing up was probably told “Don’t start throwing a curveball until you are ‘X’ years old.” That “X” in there for the age was normally around fifteen or sixteen years old depending on who you asked. When an eager, young ball player responded with “Why,” it was normally answered by “Because you will hurt your elbow and shoulder.” No sixth or seventh grade kid is really going to question that statement beyond asking another adult, and subsequently getting the same answer. Likewise, no youth baseball coach has really put in the effort to research whether or not learning to throw a curveball is detrimental health of young athletes.

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Do Running Injuries Depend on the Running Surface?

Imagine that you are on your typical route for a morning run when you decide to change things up. Instead of following the path of the sidewalk like usual, you take a shortcut across the soft grass and run alongside the concrete for awhile. No big deal, right?

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What Happened to Markelle Fultz’s Shot?

What happened to Markelle Fultz? This is the question on the minds of many basketball fans who have watched a promising player slip into a sharp decline in his first two seasons in the NBA. The former 1st pick in the 2017 NBA draft was known in college for his ability to score; however, so far in his career, his shooting statistics have fallen dramatically as he seemingly forgot how to shoot the ball.

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