Madison Schneider

Madison Schneider, Class of 2024

Language: German
Location of Study: Cologne, Germany
Program of Study: Carl-Duisberg Institute
Sponsors: The Nanovic Institute for European Studies and the German Program at Notre Dame

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“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!”

Dr. Seuss

My name is Mimi Schneider and I am a sophomore studying German and TESOL at Notre Dame. I plan to pursue a Summer Language Abroad grant in Marburg, Germany studying at the Carl Duisberg Institut. I decided to pursue this opportunity because I want to improve my German language skills in an immersive environment. I want to gain more confidence in my German speaking abilities to be comfortable conversing with the locals in Marburg. Both academically and personally, I would like to eventually reach fluency in German. I have greatly enjoyed all of the German classes I have taken at Notre Dame and look forward to furthering my knowledge during my time in Marburg.

In the future, I hope to either teach German or teach English to non-native speakers as a profession. I chose Marburg specifically because it is a university city that is very accessible. In addition, it is a relatively small city in Germany, so less of the population will speak English and I will have a truly immersive experience. I hope that this summer abroad experience will help me to gain more confidence in my German language skills, become more natural and comfortable in my speaking, and grow closer to my goal of fluency.