Un Viaje Emocionante

I am very excited for my departure for Spain in late May. I believe this opportunity to study the Spanish language and culture will be much more immersive, involving, and most of all, memorable. This will be my opportunity to utilize what I have read and studied in books for about seven years and put it to practice. I am interested to see how my perceptions of the culture, cuisine, people, and daily life will adapt as I am presented with more and more. I want to have a dynamic view of the culture and language that never ceases to become more developed.

My primary goal for this program and experience is to become more fluent in my speaking, reading, and writing. I want to be able to participate in fast-paced, everyday conversations. I want to remove all inhibitions I have towards practicing with others and becoming stronger. I hope to get more practice by talking to shop clerks, restaurant owners, and anyone who would not mind talking with a tourist. I am thrilled to say that the neighborhood of Spain where my university is located, Malasaña, is known for its coffee shops, bakeries, large student population, and it is near multiple beautiful historic buildings. I want to augment my perception of Spanish culture by trying as much new food as possible, exploring historic parts of the city, and visiting museums, of which there are plenty of opportunities nearby. I think I will start delving into Spanish pop culture soon by listening to the top songs of the radio so that I can have a conversation starter. Anyways, I am optimistic and enthusiastic for my trip, and I cannot wait for my expectations to be changed, altered, built up, knocked down, or all of the above as I get to learn to love the culture more and more.

Well, I am looking forward to seeing just how many experiences, sights, sounds, and more I can cram in during my time abroad.

¡Hasta luego!

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  1. I’m thrilled that you have so much to look forward to and hope all is well. As you settle, explore, and learn, I’m excited to read your updates here. Best of luck!

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