Foods: Some familiar, some foreign


I cannot express in words how excited I am to write this blog post. To begin, you should know that I am a big foodie—I love learning about and trying new foods. Before coming to Chile, I researched foods that were commonly eaten in the country, and drafted an extensive list of restaurants and cafes that had received stellar reviews from customers, to visit.

If there is one thing in Chile that I have accomplished more than getting lost on the public transportation system, it is eating delicious food. During my first day in the country, I asked the program coordinators, Felipe and Claudia, about foods that Chile is well-known for. However, I was told that the country did not really have a “signature dish”, and that the array of food found throughout Chile was influenced by many other cultures and cuisines.

I found it interesting that many recipes make use of pumpkin: sopaipillas, soups, and many rice dishes. I have never really eaten pumpkin in anything other than pumpkin pie, but I have fallen in love with the sweet, almost nutty flavor that it adds to certain dishes. Another interesting observation I have made is that pop (soda) is usually found in its calorie-free, sugar-free, “light” version—at least in the area of Santiago where I am living. The only places I have seen the standard flavors offered are at “fancier” restaurants. Again, this observation could likely be attributed to my location of residence, but I will certainly ask my host family about it.

I could go on and on about the delicious food I have eaten here, but I will let some pictures speak for me:

Writing this post has made me hungry, and coincidentally, it is time for me to go eat lunch with my host family!

Sending un abrazo (a hug) from Chile.