Final Thoughts

          I have just landed at O’Hare International Airport and my trip seemed like it went by like a blur. It is already almost August, and in a few weeks I am about to start another semester at Notre Dame. Looking back, I wish I could have stayed longer on the trip (even with the crazy heat wave that hit France after I left). Even with me missing France, I know now I want to study abroad junior year and I am not holding back from this goal. This short two month journey was just an introduction to the next steps in my journey to living in Europe later in my life. I am immensely grateful for Notre Dame providing this opportunity in the summer to experience France and take classes every day to sharpen my language tools. In my last days, I spent a day in the southwest Mediterranean town Sète and enjoyed being on the beach watching the sunset. Here are some photos I took in what I found to be the most laid back city during my stay in France.