Patience in Santiago

¡Hola! I write to you just six days away from my departure from South Bend to Santiago, Chile (including a transfer in Atlanta, Georgia). I will spend six weeks in the city, where I will receive the opportunity to truly immerse myself into an unfamiliar culture. As a student studying Spanish at the University of Notre Dame, I am looking forward to learning about language and culture through different lenses, in an environment much different than that of the traditional Notre Dame Spanish classroom.

I am packing many necessities to take with me on my journey: my toothbrush, my favorite water bottle, and my lucky socks (just to name a few). However, I can’t leave home without one of the most important tools—patience. Patience has been useful to me throughout my growth as both a student and a person. I practice patience as I work to overcome life obstacles. I practice patience when working shifts at the Early Childhood Development Center and the campus bookstore. I practice patience when studying for exams. I practice patience because I understand that pursuing goals is not a one-step process; achievement is made by taking time and putting forth my best efforts.

I will practice patience during my time abroad because I know that none of my experiences will be perfect. I will struggle with navigation, the language, and cultural differences, but I will be patient with and challenge myself. Through challenging myself and taking time to reflect on my experiences, I will be able to grow, not just as a student, but also as a person.

I am excited to practice and improve my speaking skills. I am excited to meet new people and make new friends. I am especially excited to try new food. Above all, I am excited to be a part of a program where I can connect my academic interests to real life experiences.

Hasta luego,