Pre-departure Blog

Going abroad will be an entirely brand new experience in all aspects possible. I have never been to Italy let alone Europe. As we know studying abroad is not just being abroad but learning in an entirely new academic setting and environment. I expect this immersive experience will be different from studying in a normal classroom setting because I will not only be enhancing myself academically but overall through exposure to a new culture, language, country, etc. I know academically I will be growing but as an individual I expect to grow as well. 

I plan to speak and use English as little as possible as I am aware that I am also there to enhance my Italian language skills specifically by furthering my vocabulary and pronunciation. I know that as of right now my pronunciation needs a bit of refining as I tend to pronounce words by leaning on my spanish; I want to enhance the true italian accent. Considering the fact that I will be immersed amongst locals I am excited to learn and absorb italian from interacting with them. I am walking into this experience completely open minded. I am also excited to learn more in depth about the southern coastal Italian culture, considering most of my time will be spent in Sorrento. I know that the most authentic experiences will come from interacting with the local community. Meanwhile, I am there I also want to take advantage of learning more about the European Union in the business aspect as it is one of my goals to be able to work in the realm of international business. Of course I am also so excited to finally get my hands on authentic Italian food. 

I expect to come back with a large level of growth and knowledge. I know that I will not come back being the same person who left. As I mentioned before, I am completely open to anything this experience has to offer me. My growth will primarily be from being able to understand and accommodate to a culture and language that is foreign to me. The exposure I will experience will lead me to having a grander perspective as I will be surrounded entirely by a foreign way of life and I couldn’t be more excited.